What Aging Buildings Mean to the Future of the Condominium Concept

As many Condominium buildings mark their 30, 40 and even 50+ year anniversaries, ensuring proper building maintenance is imperative to structural integrity.  However, proper maintenance costs money – a lot of money and ensuring that a condominium has adequate financial resources for proper building maintenance requires planning.  Unfortunately, this is an area in which many condominiums have fallen short.  

To assist in understanding the current state of Condominiums in Florida, we are offering our complimentary White Paper, “A New Era of Crisis – What Aging Buildings Mean to the Future of the Condominium Concept.”  This informative guide tells the story of the last twenty years with respect to the events affecting Condominiums, including:

  • The housing bubble of the mid-2000s
  • Damage caused by Hurricanes
  • The impact of increased foreclosures
  • Unfunded or Underfunded Reserves

Most importantly, you’ll learn about the various funding options available to Community Associations in need of monies for projects, budget shortfalls, and reserve funding.

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